Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sent a few helpful tips to see me though my recovery.  Hope they can help you too.

Please feel free to add more in the comments section below

  • If you are struggling to get to grips with crutches then use a walking frame.
  • Cast covers are available from Amazon so you can shower, although I’m using one from Limbo Products and swear by it.
  • Buy some pads for the handle of your crutches.  They’ve not changed my life, but they’ve made it a bit easier.
  • When you’re alone in the house and going up and downstairs to get food and drink is a daunting prospect, use a rucksack, fill a flask with boiling water and take some tea bags or whatever hot beverage takes your fancy.  Pack a small container of milk and sugar.  Fill your rucksack with a packed lunch/snacks, pop the bag on your back hobble back to wherever you’re resting.
  • Dress for comfort.
  • Get some Dry Shampoo for your hair – especially in the early days before you manage to get a cast cover.  Showering will be a major task for the next few weeks anyway.  Baby wipes are good too for a quick freshen up.
  • Read the books you’ve always wanted to read.  My Kindle is my best friend right now.
  • Netflix will become another friend.
  • Adult colouring books  – discover you’re creative side.  I’ve not actually done this as colouring is my idea of hell, but it may be something interesting for you to explore
  • If you are struggling with using crutches maybe a Knee Scooter might be an option that’s better for you.  I’ve not used one of these myself, but have heard great reports about them.  Getting advice from you Physiotherapist might be a good idea beforehand though.

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