Week 9 – My Consultant was right

I was really quite cautious about embracing the optimism shown by my consultant when I had my plaster removed.  Two weeks to shed my boot and crutches….and then physiotherapy and maybe a year (or more) of swelling and pain if I’ve had a particularly busy day.

The boot went within about 36 hours.  I knew that I wouldn’t have a real chance of getting back to normal clomping around in it.  Especially when it had only been given to me to increase my confidence in walking.  Within a few days I was down to one crutch, and at the end of last week (1 week after seeing consultant) I was actually able to hobble around with no crutches….although they were never far away in case I needed them.

The big news is I’m driving again!  My consultants instructions were that as soon as I was free of boot and sticks I could drive.  Some more supplies were required for my son at his resource centre – and my husband had forgotten them….and there was no way he could get out of work to deliver them!  He barked down the phone that I should get a taxi.  But as he said this I looked out of the window at his car (he was using my sons adapted car as he was still in charge of getting him about) and thought “Well, I really owe it to myself to see if I can at least operate the clutch!” To cut a long story short, I felt no pain at all….I drove round the block first, did an emergency stop and everything was fine, so off I went.  Those 30 minutes were so liberating.  I would’ve wound the windows down and screamed “I’M FREEEEEEE” at every passer by…but decided against it.

Following my break for freedom I decided that I needed to see if I could clamp my sons wheelchair in his car, so under supervision from my husband, I did just that.  It’s hard work – but I can do it….although it’s taking me longer than usual.  So Monday this week saw me back on the “College Run” and hubby back to normal working hours!

HOWEVER…..even bigger news….the biggest of big news, is that I started my new job on Tuesday!  At last!  Before anyone tells me that I’m doing too much too soon, I will point out that I’m only working one and half days a week – that is currently all I’m contracted to do.

Pain and swelling wise the consultant was right on that too.  Evenings are hideous.  By 9pm I’m back on two crutches and begging for my bed.  A good sleep reboots me, and normal service is resumed to next morning.  I am resting with my leg up whenever I can and this always helps.

All in all, I’m feeling really positive.




On Two Feet

Week 8/9

I’m not missing my cast.  Seven days ago I was released from the safe plaster haven that has allowed my ankle to heal for the past two months.  I was told by my consultant that within a fortnight I’d be free of boot AND crutches.  I thought this was a tall order – but now I actually believe him.  Here I am at day 7 – minus boot and minus 1 crutch (most of the time).  However whenever I go outside I always take two crutches with me.  The pain, especially if I’ve pushed myself, is sometimes misery inducing.  Most of the time though it’s entirely livable.  I’ve not experienced too much swelling either.  Both of these symptoms will certainly be with me for the foreseeable future though, so I’d best learn to live with them!

I actually got brave and went into a large supermarket last weekend – with both my crutches.  It wasn’t pleasant – but at least I did it.  I left any more shopping until yesterday, when I took a walk to the local supermarket with my youngest son. It was a glorious day, I really enjoyed the walk, and spending time with my 16-year-old (which is rare in itself these days) was precious.

Tomorrow my eldest son comes home.  He’s been in respite care for the last seven days, and I’m hoping I’m in a bit better position to assist my husband with looking after him again.  I still feel nervous about doing his college runs – especially about pushing his wheelchair up our steep driveway.  I really don’t know how long it’s going to be until I can do that again actually – which means my husbands working hours are still going to remain compromised.  It’s times like this that make you realise just how long a healing process this will be!

I’m also going to have a go at driving again this weekend.  Can’t believe it’s been so long since I was behind the wheel, but it’s something that needs to be done so I’d best crack on with it!

One small (but actually massive victory) is that I’ve been using the stairs again.  I’ve been very lucky that our home is equipped with a lift for our son – so I’ve used that.  My descent down the stairs did actually make me inwardly determined never to use a flight of stairs again.  Sounds weak right?  Well all I can say is I’ve never experienced shock like it – and I never want to ever again.  But I’ve starting using the stairs again.  I’m moving up and down them pretty much like a toddler would – one foot and then the other foot….and very slowly.  But in all fairness I was really scared about taking that step again!

Well, with that victory under my belt, I’m off to cross another item off my to-do list.